Support for Third-Party Code on Websites

If a department, center or program uses a developer outside of HumTech to work on part of a website, this introduces third-party code to the site and limits the level of support HumTech can provide. This page explains support when a non-HumTech developer works on one or more parts of a website, while the Externally Developed Websites describes support for websites completely developed by a non-HumTech developer.

WordPress Support

Our support of WordPress, the content management system (CMS) that is used to edit content on the website, does not change. So, if your group needs training or assistance editing their site’s content, they can reach out to HumTech for assistance.

WordPress regularly releases updates to add new features and improve security. On a monthly basis, HumTech goes through each website we have developed and applies these updates.

Coding Support

HumTech will support and maintain any code we’ve written, but not code written by non-HumTech developers. The original developer is ultimately responsible for their code and any changes that may need to be made to it.

  • It’s possible a security update (like an update to WordPress) or a change in HumTech’s code may have an adverse effect on code written by someone outside of HumTech. In that case, HumTech will spend up to 1 hour attempting to resolve the issue. After an hour, it will be the job of the non-HumTech developer to investigate and resolve the issue/conflict with their code. HumTech will make sure the developer understands the issue and has access to fix it; the department must cover any developer costs for these fixes.
  • Any feature request related to code written by the non-HumTech developer will need to be implemented by that developer at the department’s cost. For all other feature requests, email or submit a ticket as usual.

Additional Support

  • HumTech provides monthly reports of traffic coming to your department’s website using Google Analytics.
  • HumTech maintains a week (7 days) of backups of every department website.


  • Non-HumTech Developer – A developer who is not part of HumTech’s staff. This may include faculty, staff or a students from another department or a paid vendor who is unaffiliated with UCLA.
  • Security Updates – From time to time, updates need to be made to WordPress and on the server (ex. Linux, PHP, Apache, mySQL) in order to resolve discovered security holes.