Project Overview

By partnering with HumTech, UCLA faculty can initiate, define, and develop research and instructional projects that make significant use of current and future technologies with the dedicated support of our highly skilled staff.

Collaboration doesn’t end here, either. UCLA faculty and graduate students can leverage our connections with the UCLA Library, CCLE (Common Collaboration and Learning Environment), the Office of Information Technology (OIT), the Office of Instructional Development (OID), the Institute of Digital Research and Education (IDRE), and other technology organizations on campus to find the best solution for any digital challenge, no matter how specialized.

Project Collaboration

The soft deadline for our Summer 2018 Call for Project Collaborations is Friday, October 12. To ask questions or apply, email us. 

Do you have a project in mind with a major technical component? We’re here to help! HumTech can assist you with scoping, estimating and budgeting for technical projects and grant applications. In some circumstances, we can also assign members of our staff to join your project team, providing key technical expertise. Here are some examples of projects that we have recently supported:

  • As part of his research into the terrible aftermath of genocide, Prof. Todd Presner (Germanic Languages) investigates the ways computational tools and digital archives can help us preserve memory, ask new historical questions, and understand the various roles of survivor testimony. He and his students have worked with HumTech to deploy tools for computationally analyzing testimonies, and to design new interfaces and digital archives for ethically preserving and transmitting the memories of atrocities. Learn more about Todd’s project.
  • Prof. Meredith Cohen (Art History) and her students are trying to restore the now-destroyed monuments of medieval Paris via 3D models. By combining extensive archival research with cutting-edge technology skills, they are illuminating this critical but poorly understood period in Western artistic history. HumTech has provided technological and administrative support to Meredith’s team. Learn more about Meredith’s project.
  • Prof. Tim Tangherlini (Scandinavian) worked with HumTech to develop the Korean/Korean-American Online Folklore Archive, an application that lets students get hands-on practice with folklore and ethonographic research skills. HumTech has again teamed up with Tim to upgrade the application to make it easier to use and host, hopefully enabling Tim to release it to scholars around the world. Learn more about Tim’s project.

If you have a project or grant idea, whether it is research or instructional oriented, please email us to see how we can help you. Dr. John Lynch, our Academic Technology Manager, will get back to you quickly to set up an initial consultation, and you can decide if HumTech is the right partner for your project.