(QB)² – Question Bank Quick Builder

Principal Investigator(s): Thomas Garbelotti, Humanities Instructional Tech Coordinator

(QB)2, or the “Question Bank Quick Builder,” is a Google Sheet Add-on developed at HumTech to reduce the labor to instructors of creating digital course materials. By translating text content from a properly formatted spreadsheet into XML,  (QB)2 makes it much easier for instructors to create Moodle quizzes. The instructor can write their questions and answers in plain text, all visible and editable on a single page, which cuts down question creation time significantly and reduces the risk of duplicate or improperly formatted questions. The (QB)2 transforms this content to an XML document, which the instructor can easily import into Moodle. The program was developed by Lillian Hawasli,  Instructional Programmer, and Thomas Garbelotti, the UCLA Humanities Instructional Tech Coordinator.


You can install (QB)2 from the G-Suite Marketplace or Chrome Web Store. You can also install directly from the Google Sheet by going to Add-Ons > Get add-ons.

Our templates for (QB)2 can be found below. To save a copy of the file in your Google Drive, choose: File > Make a copy.

Spreadsheet Template – Samples
Spreadsheet Template – Blank