Project Support FAQ

  • I’ve got an idea for an academic project with a digital component, but I don’t know how to do it myself. How can I get help with it?

    We’re happy to consult with Humanities faculty, staff, and students on any digital project idea or need, big or small. In addition to our wide technical expertise, we have expertise in areas including project planning, cost and time estimation, project management, and sustainability planning. Email us to set up an initial consultation.

  • I don’t have a big budget for my digital project. How much do you charge for your help?

    We avoid charging whenever possible. We therefore provide all of our consultation and planning services for free to members of the UCLA Humanities community. For our other technical services, we only charge if the work is not in line with the rules of our funding or if the work would take so much time that it would prevent us from completing our core responsibilities. Email us to discuss your specific needs.

  • What kinds of projects do you support?

    We’re happy to support members of the UCLA Humanities community with just about any technical or digital project. However, for requests that would require a substantial amount of our time, the decision to collaborate is actually made by a faculty committee that prioritizes sustainability and feasibility. Consequently, we urge all of our potential partners to think carefully about these concerns, and we provide advice on them as part of our project consultation service. If you’re still unsure about whether your project is a good fit, email us to set up an initial conversation.

  • How long do you support projects after they’re complete?

    Currently, we’re willing to support most projects or tools as long as they have an “owner” in the UCLA Humanities community and comply with our funding guidelines, and as long as we have the necessary expertise in-house and are allowed to schedule that support around our new project collaborations and other operational responsibilities. Contact us to discuss your need in more detail.

  • My website isn’t working correctly. How do I get help fixing it?

    We’re happy to help you fix any website or application that we support, to the best of our abilities. However, our resources are limited, and need to be shared across the entire humanities division, so the level of support that we can provide depends on the nature of the problem, the website or web application affected, and our overall workload at that time. Email us as soon as you notice the problem, and we’ll put it into our queue to investigate and discuss with you in detail.