Online Resource Classroom (ORC)

Online Resource Classroom

Located at 1040 Public Affairs, the Online Resource Classroom (ORC) is a medium-sized seminar room designed to facilitate course sharing and other web-conferencing or tech-enabled instructional modalities. The ORC is equipped with a Mac Mini, a large display, and web-conferencing equipment.

Immediately adjacent to our instructional technology team in the HumTech Learning Commons, the Online Resource Classroom can accommodate up to 16 people. This space is ideal for a seminar type format, as well as for course sharing, and for exploring new uses of technology in a supported environment.

Since 2015, HumTech has been hosting classes using the course sharing model, which entails the full synchronous participation of remote students from other UC campuses in regularly scheduled UCLA courses, typically in less commonly taught languages and subjects. Course sharing is best suited to courses of 15 or fewer students, which the ORC can comfortably accommodate locally in person while connecting readily with additional remote students.

Contact us to discuss your idea and schedule the ORC for your class.

Reserving the ORC

For reservations, please refer to the schedule below and fill out the form. You can also e-mail our reservation coordinator.

Scheduling priority will be given to Humanities classes that best utilize available resources. Scheduling conflicts after considering resource utilization, will be prioritized in the order received.

Online Resource Classroom Reservation Request

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