Experimental Learning Facility (ELF)

Experimental Learning Facility

HumTech partners with instructors to create innovative learning environments using a custom teaching space called the Experimental Learning Facility (ELF).

Located adjacent to our instructional technology team in 1023 Public Affairs Bldg, the ELF is configured for small classes in a seminar format. The space is currently equipped with a large screen monitor and web-conferencing tools, and we will work with instructors to explore the use of new tools and tech-enabled methods in your class or workshop. Contact us to discuss your idea and schedule the ELF for your class.

Since 2015, the ELF has been in heavy demand for course sharing of regularly scheduled UCLA courses with remote students from other UC campuses. Course sharing is best suited to courses of 15 or fewer students, and the ELF can comfortably accommodate 12 in-person students while connecting readily with 5-6 remote students participating synchronously in the class sessions.

By partnering with instructors, we are able to continually test and review specific software tools, methodology, hardware devices, and different room configurations. In all cases, we are looking for the best balance of cost, ease of use, and portability; ideally we will eventually identify a “classroom in a box” which instructors might take to any existing classroom and immediately replicate the ELF’s capabilities. As we test these hardware and software tools, we’re happy to share our experiences with you.

Reserving the ELF

As the ELF is being used for active instruction, reservations may be made by contacting our reservation coordinator or by submitting the request form below. Reservations are not guaranteed. A copy of the current calendar is shown below for your reference.