Inaugural Course Sharing Symposium at HumTech

course sharing symposium lead in

On the afternoon of May 16, instructors from around North Campus joined to discuss the challenges and opportunities around sharing courses across UC campuses. Sharing courses between campuses is a growing trend as it simultaneously provides higher enrollments for the host institution, access to otherwise unavailable courses for remote students, and enables the continued instruction of less commonly taught subjects.

This small inaugural symposium provided an opportunity to share experiences. It was divided into three main topical areas – the administrative, pedagogical, and technical aspects of offering a for-credit course in a shared format. The administrative session, led by Drs. Janice Reiff and Timothy Tangherlini, discussed the history of course sharing within the UCs, how departments and local registrar’s offices can set up such courses, and how shared courses are currently advertised across campuses. Instructors Olga Ivanova, PhD, and Gemma Repiso shared their experiences teaching in this synchronous remote environment, highlighting methodologies and student feedback. Finally, Dr. Tangherlini and I highlighted some of the technical pieces that need to be in place to facilitate the courses.

Special thanks to all of our panel participants for their participation, and to Dean of the Humanities David Schaberg for his support.

In order to support shared courses, HumTech offers consulting and a specially-equipped classroom, and will be creating a brief FAQ surrounding course sharing over the next few months. If you’re interested in learning more, please let us know by emailing!


About the Author

Thomas Garbelotti is the Humanities CIO and the Director of Humtech. He started in the department as the Instructional Technology Coordinator before taking on his new role in 2024. He received his BA in German Literature from the University of Arizona and a MS in Technology Management from University of Maryland University College. He has had the pleasure to have worked with faculty, staff, and students at Middlebury, Dartmouth, and New York University Abu Dhabi. He has been at UCLA since 2014, and served on the UCLA emergency operations center for COVID-19.