Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities at UCLA is a thriving community of people, projects and practices centered on digitally-inflected teaching and research in the humanities. Drawing from expertise and resources across the entire campus, DH@UCLA welcomes faculty, students, librarians, data scientists and technologists to collaborate in the classroom, at events and on projects that celebrate and network disciplines from the humanities, the arts, and the social, information and computer sciences.

Amidst a thriving cross-campus DH@UCLA community, HumTech is just one important node in a distributed network of groups and resources doing digital humanities. At HumTech, our charge is to provide technology expertise to the humanities, including but not exclusive to the digital humanities. Read more about HumTech.

Looking for Digital Humanities courses and curriculum?

Look no further than the Digital Humanities Program, which offers a certificate for graduate students and a minor for undergraduates.

Digital Humanities Program Website

Important partners of HumTech and the DH Program at UCLA

DH@UCLA is a constantly evolving — and growing — community of practice. When in doubt, contact HumTech to find the expertise, project or resource you are seeking. Some of the key partners in DH@UCLA are: