Web Development for Departments

HumTech provides technical assistance for the design and development of department, center, and program websites within Humanities.

Developing a department website takes approximately 3.5 months and consists of five main steps:

  1. User research
    Interviewing faculty, staff, and students to better understand their experience with the website.
  2. Information architecture (IA) and content creation
    Identifying the best way to organize the website’s content, and then adding, editing, or removing content as needed.
  3. Design
    Creating images that represent the final version of the website using the provided content and user research as a guide.
  4. Development
    Writing code that takes the design and makes it functional.
  5. Launch
    Making the website publicly available after testing the website in different browsers and screen sizes, and checking content for any issues.

How to Request

Any department, center, or program can request service but you must first complete a Website Request Application and send it to webops@humnet.ucla.edu. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed and prioritized according to the order in which the applications are submitted and the age of your current website.

Website Request Application

Technical Support

After your website is launched, you might require additional features beyond the ones initially outlined in your website’s original scoping. Other times, bugs are found in features already developed. In both cases, HumTech is available to provide web support to ensure websites are running at your desired level. To get support, email webopssupport@humnet.ucla.edu or use a form to submit a ticket.