Turnitin Assignments

Bruin Learn - Assignment

Using Turnitin

There is no separate Turnitin assignment type in Bruin Learn, but there is a way to enable the generation of Turnitin originality reports through Bruin Learn assignments.

When creating the assignment, you can enable Turnitin by changing the Plagiarism Review option from “None” (the default) to “Turnitin-BruinLearn” in the dropdown menu. (Please note: this option will only appear if you select “Text Entry” and/or “File Uploads” as an online submission type in the “Submission Types” section.) Choosing this reveals a number of customizable options for Turnitin.

Multi-part Turnitin assignments

It is not possible in Bruin Learn to create a multi-part Turnitin assignment. If you need to create something like this, for example, for a writing assignment in which there is a rough draft and a final, you can use the following steps to mimic the functionality.

  1. Create as many separate Assignments as there are parts to the assignment that need to be submitted.

  2. For every part except the final draft, make sure to set the “store submissions in” option to “do not store the submitted papers” in the Turnitin settings. This ensures that the final draft will not be flagged in the similarity report against previous drafts of the same document.

  3. If you are looking to assign a single grade for an assignment based on the average of the scores that students get on different parts of the assignment, you can do so by creating an assignment group:

    1. Navigate to the Assignments tab on the left side toolbar and click on the gray “+Group” button on the top right.

    2. Give the group a name and assign it a percentage of the total grade for the course.

    3. From here, you can either add a new assignment to the group by clicking the + icon on the top right corner of the group (next to the percentage of the total grade)

      or else drag an existing assignment into the group using the 8 dot icon to the left of the assignment name.

    4. In order to assign weighting to different parts of the same assignment--for example: if you have students submit a first draft and a final draft, and you want the first draft to be worth 40% of the assignment grade and the final to be worth 60%--simply assign proportional scores to those different parts. In the case of the example above, you could assign 40 points to the first draft assignment and 60 to the final, and the assignment group will aggregate the group score using those proportions.

File Type

When specifying the type of file that students can upload to an assignment, you must input the file types in a specific manner as shown below.

Note that when you have multiple extensions within the file type field (as above), the extensions are entered with commas and without any periods before each extension type. These file types must be entered with commas separating them (with or without spaces). If you enter them with spaces alone (and no commas) or with periods before each each extension type, your students may encounter problems submitting their file.

Mastery Paths

Mastery paths is a tool to customize assignment allocation based on each student’s performance achieved for an assignment. Once the initial assignment has been graded, the student’s score will designate conditional items to the student as a learning path. For example, if a cut-off line is 70%, students at or above 70% and those below 70% will be given a different set of items as a learning path. Student A at 70% or higher will be given reading Page 3 and 4 and Assignment 3 and 4, and student B below 70% will be given reading Page 1 and 2 and Assignment 2 and 3, for instance.

Mastery paths is an opt-in feature in the setting, so instructors need to check and enable the option under Feature Previews tab.

Weight Adjustment

In contrast to the CCLE Gradebook, Bruin Learn does not provide an option to adjust the weighted mean of grades directly in the Grades menu. The equivalent in Bruin Learn is to use Assignments and Assignment Groups. Below are the steps:

  1. Locate the three vertical dots at the top-right and choose Assignment Groups Weight.

  2. Check Weight final grade based on assignment groups.

  3. Fill in the weight for each assignment group and save.

  4. (If necessary) In each assignment group, you could also give different points to each assignment in that group.

  5. Grades menu will consider the adjusted weights that you have set and show the total and override (if enabled in the Grades setting) grades on the right end.