Working with Video and Media

video cameraIf you’re looking to enrich your instructional content with lecture videos, quality audio recordings, or add a multi-media assignment to your class, we can help!

We can help guide you in creating an activity for your class, and and provide on-site training for your students.  In addition we have specialized equipment, spaces, and other resources to help.

Video Editing

HumTech offers a free video editing service for Humanities instructors. Click here for more information.

Want to edit yourself? Here are some instructions on how to edit your videos at home on a Mac using iMovie, or on a Windows computer with Microsoft’s Video Editor.


Audio and video recording equipment is available at no cost for instructors to borrow. Check out our Gear to Go page for more information.

Lecture videos

Learn how to create and integrate lecture videos into a CCLE course site, including how to add subtitles, or how to measure student engagement with them.


We have two dedicated production spaces, Studio H and the EliXR, available for both instructors and students.


We can provide individual training for you, for a small group, or even come to your class to show your students how to create, edit, and produce videos, podcasts, or other media.

Contact us at for more information.