Integrated Tools

There is a variety of integrated software available that directly supports instruction through CCLE.

(QB)² – Question Bank Quick Builder

(QB)² – Question Bank Quick Builder is a custom UCLA created Google spreadsheet plugin that lets you streamline the quiz bank creation process by generating an easily imported XML file.

Respondus (Test Monitoring)

Instructors at UCLA have access to the Respondus suite of tools, a lock down browser that is useful for online tests and assessments.  Respondus doesn’t replace an in person proctor, but does provide for a secured interface and a full audio and video recording of the test attempt if desired.

Turnitin (Originality Reporting)

Turnitin includes multi-part submissions, an improved grading interface (including shareable and customizable grade marking tools and rubrics), as well as peer-to-peer review capability.  We are happy to provide individual or group training for departments as requested.

Zoom (Teleconferencing)

Zoom is UCLA’s video and audio conferencing solution. Zoom offers many features including voice and video conferencing, screen sharing, and co-annotation, and provides the ability for instructors who host to record, and configure breakout sessions.