Adding Footer information in WordPress

Footer information, displayed at the bottom of a website page, functions like the header information in that it will display on every single accessible page on your departmental website. Footer information on a departmental website will include a bottom footer menu (see this page on how to add footer menus), and basic contact information.

To add Contact information in the footer:

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard and select SITE OPTIONS
  2. You’ll see two sections: CONNECT and DEPARTMENTAL INFORMATION
  3. CONNECT allows you to add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. links that will appear as icons for those networks in the footer of your page. Simply add the direct URL for these services and UPDATE the page. If you use a social network site for your department that is not listed in the dashboard please contact HumTech for instructions on how to add a field for such.
    1. Department Name – this is the official name of your department per UCLA designation (i.e. The Department of Philosophy)
    2. Main office Location – this is the physical address for your department (i.e. main office) but is also where mail could be directed if sent (if mail address is different that main office address, please list mailing address on the contact us page). If your department/center does not have a main office, list your mailing address.
    3. City, State, Zip code are all required fields
    4. Phone number, Fax, are optional but please include if you have
    5. Email address – if your department has a main email address please list here – we do not recommend listing a specific person’s email address in the footer of your website.
  5. UPDATE changes and they will appear on the website.