Basic Video Editing – Windows

Basic Video Editing - Windows 10

Below are instructions for performing basic edits in Windows Video Editor.


  1. Search “Video Editor” in the Windows Start menu and open the application.

  2. Create a new project.

  3. Import your video file(s).

  4. Drag your video clips to the Storyboard section of the application.

  5. Once you have your video in the timeline, you can start making some edits. Here are a few common editing tools you might find useful:

    1. Splitting clip. This allows you to divide video into smaller sections to edit individually. This is useful if you want to delete sections from your video, or incorporate another clip in between the existing clip. To split a clip, select the video clip from the storyboard then click on “split clip”. Drag the marker to the part of the video you want to make the split then click “done”. 

      1. A section of video can be deleted if you select a clip in the storyboard, then click the trash can icon.

    2. Trimming clips allows you to make them shorter or longer. To trim a clip, select a clip from the storyboard and then click “trim clip”. Drag the markers to the desired point of the clip and click “done”.

    3. Adding titles. To add a title, click “add title card”. Select the template you want to use, then edit the text.

    4. Once you’re ready to export your video, click “finish video” in the upper-right.