Student Activity

CCLE - Student Activity

There are often times when an instructor would like to see and understand how specific students are utilizing a CCLE course site. This document shows how to view all student actions within a section, activity, or resource in the CCLE site, as well as detailed activity logs for individual students. This can be useful when an instructor would like to know the last time a student logged into the site, when the student attempted/submitted a quiz, and so on.

There are four types of logs and reports for an instructor to view:

  • Activity Report

  • Logs

  • Live Logs

  • Forum Email Logs

Accessing Logs and Reports

  1. Click the yellow Admin Panel button in the top right of your course site.

  2. A new page will appear.

  3. Beneath “Logs & reports”, select the log or report that you wish to view.

Activity Report

The Activity Report offers instructors the opportunity to view the number of views for each activity and resource. This may be helpful for gaining an overall idea of how students are interacting with and utilizing the various components of your CCLE course site. The screenshot below shows an example of this report.

The results can be filtered for a specific time period as well.

  1. Click the word “Filter” above the report.

  2. Several new options will appear below the word “Filter.”

  3. Click the “Enable” checkbox for the “From” and/or “To” dates.

  4. Select the dates you would like to view the report for. 

  5. Click the blue Filter button.

If you want to return to the unfiltered logs, click the Cancel button next to the Filter button.


Logs show each action taken in your course site, including the user who took the action, what the action was, when the action was taken, and the IP address the student accessed the site from.  Examples of actions include viewing a section or resource, submitting a quiz, changing settings for an assignment, and viewing the submission page for an assignment.

Logs can also be filtered by date, user, and/or the activity or resource affected to more easily find what you are looking for.

To view logs:

  1. If desired, click the drop-down menus to choose a specific user, date, and/or activity to filter by.

  2. Click the Get these logs button to generate the log.

The logs will display on your screen. The log report page contains active links enabling you to access a student's profile page or a particular page that the student was viewing. The IP address link provides an estimate of the student's location.

To download the logs:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the screen until you find the “Download table data as” drop-down menu.

  2. Select your preferred file format.

  3. Click the Download button.

The screenshot below shows an example of this log.

Live Logs

Live logs provide a real-time report of activity on your CCLE site for the previous hour. This will give the same information as “Logs”, described above, but will automatically update every 60 seconds. You may also pause the live updates by clicking the Pause Live Updates button.

This log may be useful to an instructor when a time sensitive activity, such as an online final exam or paper submission, is due.

Forum Email Logs

Forum Email Logs allows the instructor to view each time a Forum post generated an email to a student within the past 30 days.  As with “Logs”, above, these can be filtered, including by Forum or even by discussion topic within a Forum.

Since the “Announcements” section of a course site is technically a Forum, all emails generated through posting Announcements will also appear here.