Fin de CCLE

Fin de CCLE

What you need to know…

On November 18, 2022, CCLE will no longer be accessible.

The Bruin Learn Center of Excellence (COE) is currently implementing an archiving tool (details to be determined) that will allow the retrieval of information and content from older CCLE housed sites, but this is expected to not be a self-service process, and appears to not maintain formatting.

If you rely upon accessing information from CCLE (including collaboration sites for administration, historical, project, or research purposes), then we strongly recommend you to take steps to ensure you have the content you need.

Below are the options available to capture your CCLE information. You’re welcome to contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Request to have your course migrated to Bruin Learn

Currently, the LMS transformation team is accepting requests to transfer content up to and no later than September 25, 2022, as they will be processing the last transfer on September 26, 2022

To request, simply email you’re sites CCLE link (e.g. to

Please be sure to check and see if your course was already migrated prior to sending your request.

Saving your CCLE materials outside of the Learning Management System

There are two ways to back up your course materials from CCLE. Neither of these will include videos as those are housed in the campus’s streaming media provider (Kaltura), and they should be accessible via My Media in Bruin Learn.

1. Download your documents

This method gathers your documents (PDFs, Powerpoints, images, etc.) into a compressed folder that you can download to your local machine or place in cloud storage (e.g., Box). This is the most readily transferable way to re-use your files in Bruin Learn or other ways, but does not allow you to visualize how content was organized in your CCLE site.

Instructions on how to do that are below.

2. Create a full backup file

This method is a complete course backup, including student data if desired (please consider FERPA prior to backing up student data).

It creates a custom Moodle zip file that could be uploaded into another Moodle system if desired, but this method is only recommended for those who will have access to a Moodle server on which to view the custom Moodle zip file that is created. UCLA will not be hosting an instance of Moodle (CCLE) after November 18, 2022

Instructions on how to do that are in the sites below.