Bruin Learn – Passing Final Grades to MyUCLA

Bruin Learn - Passing Final Grades to MyUCLA

If you’d like to just import final grades from Bruin Learn into MyUCLA, please see the directions below:

  1. Navigate to your Bruin Learn course site and go to Grades.

  2. Under “Actions” select Export to download a CSV file with all student and grade information from your Bruin Learn course. Here is an example of what a Bruin Learn gradebook export CSV [external link] looks like.

IMPORTANT: The values in the FINAL SCORE column of the exported CSV file will include any ungraded assessments in the gradebook, which are automatically scored as 0 out of some point value. This means that while students will see an accurate reflection of their grade on Bruin Learn, the FINAL SCORE may be significantly lower, as they essentially “fail” the ungraded assignments. It is recommended that you hide ungraded assignments before exporting grades (or provide grades for them) to avoid student confusion and inaccurate final grades. The CURRENT SCORE column should reflect the correct grade (that is, not factoring in ungraded assignments) for students.

3. Since the Bruin Learn CSV file contains more columns than MyUCLA can parse (including grades for every assignment), we will need to create a new CSV file that includes only the relevant columns for MyUCLA. To do this, download the blank CSV import template [external link] provided by our office and open it with Excel or another numbers processor. The file is view only, but you can also create a copy to open with Google sheets.

4. Open the CSV from Bruin Learn in Excel or your preferred numbers processor.

5. Copy and paste the relevant information from the old spreadsheet into the new CSV template. 

Student names should be listed alphabetically by last name. Ex. Bruin, Joe.

Generally, the fields from the Bruinlearn export should map to the import template as follows:

  • [Bruinlearn] SIS User ID → [Template] UID

  • [Bruinlearn] Student → [Template] Name

  • [Bruinlearn] Current Score → [Template] Grade

Be sure the grade is in letter format (i.e. convert the number grade to a letter grade)

6. Once you have filled in the required information, save the new CSV template as a CSV file on your computer.

  • To do this in Excel, click on File > Save As… > set Format to Comma Separated Values

  • To do this in Sheets, click on File > Download > Comma Separated Values (CSV).

7. This CSV file is ready to import on MyUCLA. Navigate to MyUCLA and under Courses, click on Gradebook for the course you wish to import final grades for.

8. Select “Gradebook Express” from the two gradebook options. 

In Gradebook Express, navigate to Final Grades if you are not already there. To find Final Grades, use the menu located on the upper left side of the screen.

9. Once in the Final Grades screen, click on “upload” and select the CSV file you saved using the import template formatting. 

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