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Faculty voice: Historical Linguistics course redesign

Published: January 22, 2019
phylogenetic tree

(Image from Chang, Will & Cathcart, Chundra & Hall, David & Garrett, Andrew. “Ancestry-constrained phylogenetic analysis supports the Indo-European steppe hypothesis: Supplementary materials.” Language, vol. 91 no. 1, 2015. Project MUSE, doi:10.1353/lan.2015.0007) When I first taught my introductory course on historical linguistics in 2016, my student feedback suggested that I could make some improvements to…

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An instructional designer just for the Humanities!

Published: January 1, 2018

We are excited to welcome Dana Milstein, Ph.D., in her new role as an instructional designer for the humanities. Part of the Excellence in Pedagogy and Innovative Classrooms (EPIC) Program, Dana will be working with the EPIC team and with us here at HumTech. Dana earned a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at the CUNY Graduate…

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