What is a dashboard?

The Web Operations team currently rebuilds UCLA Humanity websites using the Content Management System WordPress. In order to build out pages within a WordPress website a user has access to a WordPress Dashboard. This Dashboard can only be accessed by a user who is logged into the administrative side of a website. Once logged in, you’ll can toggle between the Dashboard and the live version of the website (or live version of the Dev website) using the toolbar at the top of the page.

Below are very simple explanations of what each tab in your Dashboard side menu means – please see the training manual for a full explanation on how to add content, or alter the website using these tabs:

POSTS – if your departmental website has a NEWS or ANNOUNCEMENTS section, the POSTS tab will allow you to add, edit or delete such

PAGES – for all basic pages you build on your departmental website, the PAGES section is your go-to source. Here you can view all pages posted to the website, add new pages, edit previous pages and delete pages from the website

EVENTS – if your departmental website has an Events section, the EVENTS tab will allow to add, edit or delete such

PEOPLE – this is the tab you’ll access if you are needing to add, edit or delete Faculty, Staff or Graduate Students from your website

COURSES – this serves as dual resource for departmental courses page, and also the resource when linking to courses from a Faculty members page (see Adding Faculty for more details)

MEDIA – all media that you’ll want hosted on the website (images, documents, maps, etc.) will be housed in the Media section of the Dashboard – if you’re wanting to add videos to the website please see the training manual section Adding Videos)

APPEARANCES – The Word Press website we build all have intricate menus that are both drop-down and sidebar style, and the MENU section found within the Appearances tab will allow you create and edit all menus that appear on your departmental website

USERS – If you are a department administrator for your website this is where you can add, edit or delete users – if you are administrative privileges only allow you to make simple changes to the website this tab would read YOUR PROFILE.

SITE OPTIONS – please access this tab if you’re wanting to change key information about your department (address, email, social media links) that appear in the Footer of each website page.