Humanities Technology Brief 001

Important technology-related changes, deadlines and opportunities for faculty, staff and graduate students in the Humanities. 
  1. The Bruin Voice migration for Humanities phone lines is scheduled to go live at the end of April 2023. More information about Bruin Voice can be found on the Bruin Voice website. This Monday (1/23), HumTech went live on Bruin Voice so we can better prepare to help you with the change. For questions or comments, email
  2. February 9th is the deadline for updating the print settings on your Humanities computers and devices. Please reach out to your DTA or to schedule a time on Zoom or in person to make this simple change.
  3. UC Love Data Week offers some of the best workshops I’ve attended for learning about how to work with data – qualitative or quantitative. The presenters are all from the UCs which means you can continue to consult with them! Open to faculty, students and staff. This 2023 calendar is a nice starting point.
  4. Free conference travel! ACCESS Support is offering the CSSN Community Engagement Program! This is an amazing opportunity for ALL (18+) students, faculty, and staff to receive travel funding ($750-$2500) to ANY domestic conference of your choosing! Follow this link for more information about the CCEP.
  5. Did you know? Get live drop-in instructional support on Zoom, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm. Or email