(QB)² – Privacy Policy

This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices for the (QB)2 plugin in the G Suite Marketplace, created by UCLA HumTech. This privacy notice applies solely to information collected by the (QB)2 add-on (“plugin” or “app”).

  • When you to install the plugin, Google Sheets shares some of your Google profile information, including your name and email address, with us. This data is stored within the G Suite Marketplace developer console. We do not export or share this information with anyone else. Your identity data will stay within Google’s environment and Google’s security infrastructure.
  • We do not ever see or collect any data about your content, such as the spreadsheet content that you convert into quiz questions.
  • We may review your identity data in aggregate, e.g. to see how many people have installed and used the plugin, but we aren’t interested in anyone’s specific personal information. So we won’t send out mass emails (or individual emails, for that matter), add you to mailing lists, share your information, or anything else like that.
  • When you install the plugin, it will ask permission to see and edit your Google Drive files and metadata. Here’s why:
    • The app needs to be able to see your Google Drive files so that it can read the data in the spreadsheet that you want to convert into a quiz question set. But it only reads files that you choose, that is, spreadsheets that you try to convert into a question bank file.
    • Then, it needs to be able to create a new XML file, with metadata, in your Google Drive. The app reads your spreadsheet data and inserts it into that file as correctly-formatted XML.
    • Finally, if you subsequently update your question set and run the plugin again without changing your spreadsheet file’s name, the app needs to be able to write over the previous XML file and metadata with new XML and metadata.

That’s it. These are the only reasons that this plugin will change or access your Google Drive data.

Terms of Service

You can find our terms of service for (QB)2 in the app’s Bitbucket repository.

(QB)2 was developed by:

    • Lillian Hawasli,  Humanities Instructional Programmer
    • Thomas Garbelotti, Humanities Instructional Technology Manager
    • Benjamin Niedzielski, Research and Instructional Technology Consultant
    • Amy Zhao, Student Programmer
    • Jakin Wang, Student Programmer
    • Rockford Mankini, Student Programmer

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