Simplified Activity Chooser

activity chooser banner

December 20, 2016

activity chooserCCLE has released an new customization of the Moodle source code that dramatically improves usability.  A new, simplified activity chooser allows you to quickly access the items you use the most.

To enable the new activity chooser, please do the following.

  • Log onto CCLE.
  • Select the down arrow near your name, and select Preferences from the pulldown menu.
  • Under Editing options, click on Activities/Resources chooser.
  • Check the box next to Use the customizable activities/resources chooser.
  • Click Save changes.

To further customize your chooser

  • Add an activity or resource.
  • Click on Show all tools/Set favorite tools.
  • Click on the star next to each tool to favorite or deselect a tool.