Should I use UCLA WiFi, UCLA Web or Eduroam? What’s the difference?

Wireless users may encounter a number of SSIDs (wireless network names). These may vary by the coverage area. Click on the link below to see a map of the campus wireless coverage.

Campus Wireless Coverage Map

The SSIDs that are designated for public use are as follows:

  • eduroam

    This network can be used by UCLA faculty, students, staff, and authorized guests. Eduroam uses two technologies for authentication: WPA2 and 802.1x. WPA2 is short for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2, and it ensures that the traffic between a wireless device and the Access Point (AP) is encrypted. With eduroam, you must use your UCLA Logon ID and password to access and authenticate on this network.
    This network is also accessible to visitors from other universities/institutions that participate in eduroam. See the eduroam website for more information.

    Use the following format for your eduroam username <UCLA Logon ID>

  • UCLA_WiFi

    This network can be used by faculty, students, staff, authorized guests, and VPN configured users. After connecting to this network, a user should open their web browser. A portal page will then be displayed and the user will need to provide their UCLA Logon and password to access the network. Users that have devices configured with VPN clients (excludes SSL VPN), may also use this network without having a UCLA Logon. In order to print wirelessly you must be connected to this network.


    This network is available to any individual on campus including visitors to the campus. This network is restricted to HTTP (Web) and HTTPS (Secure Web). This network also allows for use of VPN (including SSL VPN) configured devices. VPN is required to use other applications such as email clients, instant messaging, and file sharing clients. This is an excellent choice for users that want to quickly connect to the network and do not need full networking services.

    For information on how to connect to any of these networks, please see the IT Services wireless network access article.