Creating and Using 360 Video

How to - Creating and Using 360 Video

360 degree video has demonstrated its impact in the action sports arena, and as the quality gets better, we're looking to leverage the immersion this tool provides to support instruction in the Humanities.

While filming, we recommend the following best practices:

Pace while Recording

How fast you move while recording can make a difference to the viewer. We are recommending that you walk about half of your normal pace (think of a graduation, or a wedding march). This allows for more stabilization of the camera and gives the viewer more time to look around the area.

Walking speed comparison video.

Height of the Camera

For full 360, holding the camera about 24” inches above your head provides a great viewpoint - even for taller people. With the 360 cam stick we use, this equates to 3 stages to get to a decent height.

If you are only shooting 180 degrees, you can alternatively hold the 360 cam stick directly in front of your nose with your hand about chest height.

Recording Length

These devices can consume a lot of data, therefore we recommend recording videos in small chunks (1 minute of footage is about 1 Gigabyte of space).

Privacy / Editing

Its important to remember that these cameras shoot 360 degrees – and that includes straight down. The person holding the camera should be aware of this, and consider their attire. They can be blurred out in post production, however we have discovered using a 6” disk mounted between the camera and the cam stick hides the person who is recording, basically eliminating that time consuming step. These can be made out of something simple like cardboard, but if you have access to a 3d printer, one can be easily printed out. Ours is shown below

Feel free to download and use our 360 Camera Disk STL (click on the paperclip icon below).