Hebrew e-Workbook Public Pilot

Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Nancy Ezer, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Dr. Nancy Ezer’s Hebrew e-Workbook is a powerful tool that complements and enhances second language acquisition for Hebrew learners. It expands the learning experience beyond the classroom by providing intensive practice on Hebrew grammar and pronunciation, with immediate and individualized feedback for the learner. This helps accelerate student progress, maintains high student performance throughout the quarter, enables comprehensive instruction and supervision, and facilitates more efficient and effective use of class and instructor time. While this has previously been available only to UCLA students, Dr. Ezer is embarking on a pilot project to make her Hebrew e-Workbook sites, currently hosted in CCLE, available to other universities/high schools for their own Hebrew classes.

HumTech is providing consulting services to Nancy during her pilot, to help her make sure that her pilot plan covers all of the necessary administrative and legal issues. HumTech is also providing technical support to the pilot users (faculty and students). This way, Nancy can evaluate the necessary level of support that a full-scale public e-workbook will require, and can marshall the necessary resources.