A Digital Version of Prokosch’s Comparative Germanic Grammar

Language families from Prokosch's grammar Website: http://prokosch.github.io/index.html Principal Investigator(s): Nick de Carlo, Germanic

1939 saw the first publication of Eduard Prokosch’s A Comparative Germanic Grammar. Since then, the book has been used as a valuable resource for students of Germanic languages and philology. This project aims at moving the material from the book into the web, permitting easier availability to scholars and students of Germanic linguistics. Beyond simply digitizing Prokosch’s seminal work, we are also working to connecting the resources cited throughout the book, so as to provide a deeper experience for the user. The conjugation, declension, and etymological paradigms will also be able for download. Upon completion, the digital version of A Comparative Germanic Grammar will function on a similar level to the E-ANS (http://ans.ruhosting.nl/e-ans/index.html), the electronic version of the Standard Grammar of Dutch.

HumTech staff are contributing expertise with XML to this project.