Learning Lab Renovation Update

New Carts!


We’ve added two brand new mobile carts that will allow instructors to teach in more dynamic ways and utilize the lab to its fullest potential. If you want to use them for breakout sessions, or even present from a different part of the room, just let the labs team know and we’ll accommodate you.

What about the old projector system?

It will still be available, but we’ll be slowly phasing it out as these screens offer a greater amount of visibility and clarity to students and other users of the space.

      1. Logitech Camera PTZ Pro
      2. Samsung MU6300 series 75 in. 4K LED TV
      3. Macbook Pro (mounted in back)
        – Zoom
        – Office Suite
        – Browsers
        – other software available upon request
      4. Peerless Cart – can be moved around the room for presentation or workshop purposes
    Room Layouts

    Please make sure to indicate which room layout you’d like on the reservation form or if you need the carts to be set up in a different way.