What is LastPass?

LastPass is a password manager. It allows you to generate, store, and retrieve complex passwords. All stored passwords are encrypted and only accessible with your master password. Have a minute? Watch a quick video of LastPass to see some if its features in action.

Why should I use LastPass?

        • You can do away with post-its! Now you can store your passwords securely in a vault and need to only remember a single password: your master password.
        • You can take your passwords with you to any device/platform. Whether you are at your desk or working from home, your passwords can be accessible via the web, desktop, and mobile device.
        • LastPass is secure. Your data is encrypted at the device level and your password is never sent to LastPass. Therefore, even if your LastPass data were to be intercepted or compromised, your passwords would still be safe.
        • Similar to your UCLA Logon, 2-step authentication is required. Using DUO MFA, your account and passwords will have an extra layer of security.
        • LastPass lets you store more than just passwords! You’ll be able to store notes, form fill information, emergency contact information, or financial information with the same level of protection as your passwords.
        • LastPass will help you generate more complex, stronger passwords that you won’t have to worry about remembering since they will all be saved into your LastPass vault!  These more secure passwords will ultimately make your UCLA accounts more secure.

Is LastPass Secure?

In short, yes: your passwords are never stored in plain text and are encrypted using the latest encryption algorithms at the device level. Essentially, your email address and master password are used to locally generate unique keys that are then used to encrypt or decrypt your data at your device – they never leave your device without being encrypted first. Also, your master password and keys are never sent to LastPass and are never accessible by LastPass or UCLA IT Services. Additionally, for an added layer of security, DUO will also be required to use LastPass.

Visit, to learn more about how LastPass secures your data.

How is HumTech involved?

We manage LastPass for the Humanities Division and DUO for LastPass. We can assist with granting you access to both LastPass and DUO, reconfiguring your mobile device, installation of LastPass plug-ins, and account access issues.

What happens if I forget my master password?

You can get a master password hint to help you remember. When you first sign up you will be required to enter a master password hint when creating your master password. This hint will be shown to you if you should ever forget your master password. So, do make it a good one. If after seeing the hint you still cannot remember your password then you can contact your DTA for assistance.

What happens if I forget my phone/device?

You will not be able to access your account if you forget your duo-configured device. Therefore, we advise that you configure a backup device such as a tablet or hardware token (U2F).

How do I sign-up?

Your DTA can help! Contact your DTA for assistance.