What is the difference between my @humnet.ucla.edu email and @ucla.edu email?

To put simply, your @ucla.edu or @g.ucla.edu email is given to you by central IT (BOL) when you first joined UCLA. @ucla.edu uses Google Apps which is an integrated communication and collaboration solution offered by Google. Google Apps includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and more. Some faculty prefer to use this email address over @humnet.ucla.edu for the simplicity of the email address without the “humnet”.

@humnet.ucla.edu email address is given to you by the department you are working for. @humnet.ucla.edu utilizes Microsoft Office 365 instead of Google Apps. Before @ucla.edu moved to Google Apps, it is recommended that faculty members use @humnet.ucla.edu email for the increase mailbox size, calendar scheduling with staff member and much more. However, since @ucla.edu transitioned to Google Apps, most of the feature that you get with Office 365 can now be found in Google Apps.

We highly encourage you to speak with your DTA if you are unsure which email address to use as your primary email address or if you have more questions in detail.

To see more information about your @ucla.edu email address: https://g.ucla.edu/
To see more information about your @humnet.ucla.edu email address: https://www.it.ucla.edu/em-0365