Departmental Box User Permissions and Access

Departmental Box User Permissions and Access

Staff Position

Permission Type

Viewable Folders and Access



Entire Department-specific Folder on DSHARE



Entire Humanities DSHARE

Departmental Staff

Viewer Uploader

Role-specific folders within DSHARE


  • DTAs are owners of the entire Humanities DSHARE so that they can provide coverage and support for each other’s departments with Box

  • Staff members of each department to Box will be given the “Viewer Uploader” set of permissions: restricts deletion of files, invitations to collaborate, moving of files and folders, editing of folder names, and editing of file names, among other functions.  This seemed to be the best level of permissions to give that would protect the folder structure and data without restricting the department staff’s ability to do work, but we are open to modifying the permissions if it turns out that it is either too restrictive or too lenient. 

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