How do I forward my email to another account?

  • Step 1: Login to Office 365 web mail

    Login to Offic 365 (

  • Step 2: Select the mail tile

    Click the Mail tile.



  • Step 3: Click settings

    Click Settings (gear icon in the upper right-hand of your screen).


  • Step 4: Click mail

    Under My app settings, click Mail.


  • Step 5: Click forwarding

    Under Accounts click Forwarding.


  • Step 6: Enter forward email

    Under the Forwarding heading, select Start Forwarding and enter the email address where you want to receive all your UCLA messages.

    You have the option to keep a copy of all forwarded messages in your Office365 account.

    Note: if you do not select this, nothing sent to your email account will be saved in your university mailbox.

  • Step 7: Save changes

    Select Save.