Creating and Publishing a People page

Once you have information gathered on a particular person you want to add to your departmental website, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the People/Add New portion of the dashboard
  2. Add their full name to the blank “Enter Title Here
  3. If the person has provided you with a written paragraph about themselves, this would go in the main paragraph box
  4. Scrolling down, you will see fields marked with asterisks – these are the required fields that must be filled out for each person to have them appear on the website. Often the required fields are:
    1. First Name, Last Name, Position Title, Email, Phone
  5. Once the required fields are complete you can basically fill in all fields that the person provided you information for (i.e. office hours, research) – many of these boxes will allow you to add styling such as bullet points, shading, etc. – please try to keep styling consistent throughout the people section of the website
  6. Towards the bottom of the page you will notice that you’re able to add personal website, CV attachments (which will have to be uploaded and be a part of the Media Library).
  7. VERY IMPORTANT – you must select from the “People Categories” what section of the Peopleportion of the website that person will appear in
  8. Once complete, either preview or publish the page – if you’re adding an image for the person, please continue to the next section in this manual on how to do so.