Robert Farley

Research & Instructional Technology Consultant
Phone: 310-825-4864 Office: 1020 Public Affairs

Robert Farley works at the interstices of Arabic, queer, and translation studies as a Ph.D. student in the Department of Comparative Literature.

He is writing a dissertation focusing on representations of gender and sexuality in Arabic-language digital periodicals situated in the Levant and Maghreb. He has presented his work at the National Women’s Studies Association annual meeting (2017) and has a forthcoming chapter in an edited volume on masculinities in Southwest Asia and North Africa by the AUC Press. His translations can be found in Banipal Magazine of Modern Arab Literature.

Farley has designed and taught two courses at UCLA—The “Universal” Human in Postcolonial Literature and Critical Social Media—and he has assisted on a number of courses in Comparative Literature, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, and Anthropology departments.