Daniel Park

Senior Systems Engineer

Daniel is the Senior Systems Engineer at UCLA HumTech. He is an alumni, who started his IT career at UCLA as an undergraduate (as a tech at UCLA’s Business Division). He was part of the team that installed the 10,000+ node network in 1995 (then the largest switched network in the western US). He installed the first CheckPoint Firewall on campus in 1999 and the first wireless bridge from Wilshire Center to the University Apartments in 2001. He spent the next several years in telecom and startup software companies. In 2015, he returned to UCLA to join the fantastic team at UCLA Humanities. In 2016, he deployed HumTech into the cloud using Amazon’s AWS and upgraded our campus datacenter’s security. In 2017, he setup the Linguistics department in AWS. He, also, co-created UCLA’s first AWS cloud application for the Undergraduate Writing Center. He’s presented at UC’s Internet Security Symposium and UCTech conferences highlighting several of HumTech’s progress into the cloud and security.

What is your favorite sport?
Bruin Football!!

What is your claim to fame?
I worked and went to school (UCLA) with Randall Park from Fresh Off the Boat. Also, I met US Olympian Michelle Kwon at UCLA during her stay as a student. I also played high school football with Tom Brady before he was famous. They are all very nice people! I’d like to think I taught them everything they know, but that would not be true.

What’s your strangest quirk?
I have a strange need to try every reputable ramen noodle joint. In fact, let’s go right now.


  • Network Architecture (datacenter, cloud, hybrid)
  • Network Infrastructure Operations
  • Unix Systems and Firewalls
  • Microsoft Server & Enterprise
  • AWS Cloud (Infrastructure and Security)