Using Video in CCLE

Using Videos in Bruin Learn

Video Resources

There are two main ways to make videos available to your students on your Bruin Learn site: embedding videos or uploading a file.

Embedding Videos

Videos can be embedded anywhere in a Bruin Learn site where the Rich Content Editor (RCE) is available. This includes Assignments, Quizzes, Announcements and Discussions.

Please follow these directions to embed Kaltura media: Bruin Learn - Embedding Kaltura Media

Note: make sure to adjust your media gallery settings to control who has permission to view which videos: Bruin Learn - Media / Kaltura

Uploading/Recording Videos

You can also add media to your site by uploading/recording videos via the RCE.

This allows you to either select a file from your computer or record a video that you can then embed in your Assignment, Discussion, Quiz, Announcement, etc.. You can also add captions to the video you upload.

Please see this page for more information:

As a reminder, you can include a video file (such as an MP4 file) on your site anywhere you would include other types of files such as PDFs or Word Documents. This includes Pages, Modules, and Files.

Please see this page for more information on the types of video file formats that you can upload to your Bruin Learn:

Note: If an audio or video file exceeds 500MB, it will need to be embedded.