Using CCLE for Assessment

Whether you are looking to create formative or summative assessments for your course, there are a number of resources, methods, and techniques available for your use.


Start with the basics
CCLE has within it a quiz tool that may be used for simple or complex assessments.

Create a rich test bank
(QB)² – Question Bank Quick Builder is a custom UCLA created Google spreadsheet plugin that lets you streamline the quiz bank creation process by generating an easily imported XML file.

Structure your approach
There are ways to get more out of the quiz tool than the basic quiz or midterm. By structuring your assessments, the quiz tool can become a powerful scaled assessment resource for your classes.

Add proctoring for online tests
The Respondus suite of tools includes a lock down browser that is useful for online tests and assessments. Respondus doesn’t replace an in person proctor, but does provide for a secured interface and a full audio and video recording of the test attempt. Respondus is fully integrated into CCLE, so students take your CCLE assessment within the Respondus environment.


Provision easy text entry or file uploads for students
CCLE has within it an assignment tool that may be used by students to enter text directly over the web, or upload files.

Check originality and streamline grading
UCLA currently offers Turnitin to aid with originality reports and other writing assessment aids