“Just in Time” editing or using the Control Panel

CCLE - Admin Panel vs. JIT (Inline) Editing

Adjusting elements of a course site such as files, CCLE assignments, videos, Turnitin assignments, etc, and adding materials are common tasks for any instructor. Many of these functions can be carried out in one of two ways: via the Admin Panel or Just-In-Time (JIT or Inline) editing.

This article explores the similarities and differences between JIT editing and the Admin Panel. It also includes an exercise that demonstrates how to add a file using the JIT editing method.

Admin Panel vs. JIT

The Admin Panel offers one centralized location where instructors can perform many common tasks while editing a course site. 

The functions available in the Admin Panel can also often be performed within different sections of a course site by clicking the orange Turn editing on button (located in the top-right corner of a CCLE page), otherwise known as JIT editing. The use of either is based on individual preference. That said, the Admin Panel is often overlooked in favor of JIT editing despite the Admin Panel’s many useful functions.

Let’s take a quick look at both of these options.

  1. The Admin panel is a one-stop tools shop accessed via a yellow button in the upper-right corner of a CCLE course site, next to the orange Turn editing on button. You can also access the Admin panel via a tab in the left-hand menu screen, located below Turn editing on and above Grades. From the Admin Panel, you can make changes to your CCLE site, but you must indicate where you would like those changes/additions to be made. 

    1. The Admin Panel contains a collection of categories, each of which contains a variety of functions within CCLE. From the Admin Panel’s “Course administration” tab, you can edit course settings, download course materials, rearrange course materials, modify course sections, email students (via the announcement forum), invite users, access activity logs, and perform many other tasks all at one central location.

    2. Review/edit dates under “Manage material” is useful when bringing materials over from a different quarter, a process that requires changing due dates for any past assignments/quizzes/etc.

  2. Another way to make quick changes to your course site is to use the Just-in-Time (JIT) editing tools. Clicking the orange Turn editing on button in the top right of the screen enables you to make quick changes to your course site directly in the section where you want to edit a site element. 

With editing on, various options become available in any section of a course site. The screenshot below shows a section containing various materials with editing turned on. Several options are available for adding or editing materials:

  1. Add an activity or resource: The orange button at the bottom of the center panel will bring up a dialog box that allows a user to add activities such as CCLE assignments, Turnitin assignments, files, forums, quizzes, and many other elements.

  2. Clicking the orange Section tools button located in the central panel of sections within your course site allows you to access a drop-down menu with various options. Within this menu, you can add a File, a Link, or a Label. Labels are commonly used to create subheadings within a section of a course site, but they can also be used to upload pictures, videos, and other text. This menu is another way to access the list of available activities and resources on CCLE (in addition to the orange Add an activity or resource button mentioned above). In addition, this menu allows you to Edit, Hide, and Delete a particular section of your course site.

  3. Minor changes to materials that are already in a section can be made by clicking the red Edit found to the right of items in the section. Clicking Edit will bring up a drop-down menu that has links to Edit settings, Move right, Hide, Duplicate, Make Public, and Delete. If an item is already hidden, Show will appear in the place of Hide.

Exercise: Add a File Using the JIT Method

In this section, we’ll work through adding a file to a CCLE page via the JIT method. 

  1. Navigate to any section of a CCLE site that you can edit.

  2. Click Turn editing on.

  3. There are now three ways to add a file. First is the Add an activity or resource button. Click this, and in the menu that appears, choose “File.”

  1. Alternatively, you can click the add File button in the drop-down menu that appears when you click the orange Section tools button. Both methods bring you to the same “Add a new File” page, seen below. You must add a name for the file, but a description is optional. To select the file to upload, you can drag and drop it into the box with the arrow, or select a file by clicking the “file” icon in the top left of the “Select files” section, or by clicking Files, which is immediately to the bottom right of the “file” icon. Then click one of the save options at the bottom of the page.

  2. A user can also drag and drop a file directly into the section page.

Further Documentation

The Admin Panel: https://docs.ccle.ucla.edu/w/Admin_panel