Understanding your course website in CCLE

ccle sitesOfficial course websites at UCLA are created within CCLE through an automated process that begins with the registrar’s system, and are normally available around 4 four to five weeks prior to the start of term.

Additionally instructor, student enrollment, and any TA information is synchronized automatically from the registrar’s system daily.

If you don’t see your site, but would like to get working on it, please email ritc@humnet.ucla.edu and we’ll create it for you.

The basics – guides to setting up your site

getting startedWe have compiled several resources to make it as easy as possible for you to set up your own course site, and are happy to answer any questions you may have along the way. You are welcome to email ritc@humnet.ucla.edu with your questions or stop by the Teaching Resources Center at 1020 Public Affairs during our office hours.

  • Layout
    A well laid out course site encourages its use by students.
  • Accessibility
    It’s good to know what helps make your course content accessible across devices as well as to  student with disabilities.
  • Editing in CCLE
    There are two different ways to edit your site and content on CCLE.
  • Activities and Resources
    There are many options in CCLE for adding readings, assignments, quizzes, audio, video, etc.
  • Backing up, restoring, and importing content
    How to move content from past semesters to your current class, or preserve your content for future use.
  • Understanding student access to your course site
    In addition to the automated registrar feed, there are other ways to grant access to your course or collaborative course site.