Labels (text blocks)

CCLE - Using Labels

We use labels to make CCLE sites more aesthetically pleasing. They enable text and media to be inserted in a course page between other resources and activities.  Within labels, users can:

  • Change background color

  • Alter font color, heading size, and type

  • Embed images and videos directly on the course page (rather than creating links to videos)

Labels can be used to personalize a CCLE site by displaying various media types or different font styles/colors.  Below we see an example where everything seen (the image, text, and video) is part of a label.

Adding a Label

  1. With editing mode on, click the orange Add activity or resource button.

  2. Select Label from the list of options and click Add.

  3. A new screen will appear. Add content to your Label.

    • Users will primarily work with the large text box under “General,” as seen here.

    • Here we can add and format text and media using the buttons shown above. 

      • Clicking the down arrow button in the top left, shown circled in red below, will display more options.

  4. Click the Save and return to course button to view your label.

Adding Images to a Label

  1. While editing your label, as described above, click the Image button.

  2. The “Image Properties” window will pop up, shown below:

  3. Select an image.

    • If the image is from a URL:

      • Enter the URL in the “Enter URL” text box.

      • Select the “Auto size” box to retain the original photo proportions when resizing.

    • If the image is on your computer:

      • Click the Browse repositories… button. 

      • Select the file from your hard drive in the “File Picker”.

      • Add a title and description.

        • This is useful for students with low or no vision. Their computer tools will read the description of the image to them.

      • Click the Upload this file button.

  4. Include a description for the image.

  5. After you have set the image alignment in the “Image Properties” screen, click Save Image.

  6. Save your label as described above.

Embedding a YouTube Video in a Label

There are two ways to embed a video from YouTube within a label.

Method One (Preferred)

If you do not wish CCLE to automatically start the video part of the way in, then the following method is preferred.

  1. Navigate to the YouTube video you wish to add to your label.

  2. Copy the URL for the video.

  3. Within CCLE, edit your label, as described above.

  4. Paste the URL into the label.

  5. Save your label as described above.

  6. CCLE will automatically convert the link into an embedded video.

Method Two

The following method will allow you to include a “timestamp” to specify how far into the video it should start when embedded into CCLE.

  1. Navigate to the YouTube video you wish to add to your label.

  2. Click the share option under the video.

  3. A window will pop up.

  4. Click the embed button.

  5. Specify a start time in the “Start at” text box and click the checkbox next to it.

  6. Copy the embed code on the right side of the new window, as highlighted below.

  7. Within CCLE, edit your label, as described above.

  8. From the toolbar, click the HTML button, which looks like </>.

    • This will change the text box from a general text editor to the HTML source editor.

  9. Paste your video embed link into the HTML source editor.

  10. Save your label as described above.

Moodle Labels

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