Interactive Video

Interactive Video H5P Tool illustration of hand pointing to video screen.Create videos enriched with interactions


The Interactive video content type allows you to add interactions on top of video clips. Interactions such as images, elaborating text, links and quizzes pop up while the learner watches the video.

The following H5P content types may be added to your video:

  • Multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers
  • Fill in the blank questions
  • Drag and drop questions
  • Interactive summaries
  • Single choice question sets
  • Mark the word activities
  • Drag and drop text
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Labels
  • Texts
  • Links

All question types can be configured to perform adaptive behavior, meaning that a correct answer could cause the user to skip to a specified place in the video while an incorrect answer could take the user somewhere else in the video. Typically, submitting a wrong answer will cause  the user to be directed to the place in the video where the answer to the question is presented.

You may also add bookmarks so that your users can skip to specified sections of the video on demand.

This functions as both an assessment and a presentation and includes the following interactivity(s): – multimedia


This is a multi purpose content type that can be integrated into an aggregator content type, or used on its own.. For more information on H5P types work and how they interact, see

Interactive videos are perfect when you already have a video clip that you want to enrich with interactive elements.
You can facilitate differentiated learning by adding in-depth information such as pictures, tables, text and links that the learner can interact with during video playback.
Include puzzles for the learners to solve at any given time in the video by adding Multi-choice questions, Fill in the blanks, Drag and drop questions and Summaries.


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