Flashcards H5P Tool illustration of flashcards.Create digital flashcards with an image prompt on one side of the card and text answers on the other.


The Flashcards content type is a set of cards containing a picture on one side and corresponding text on the other. The learner is asked to type a word or expression corresponding to the picture before turning the card and revealing the correct answer.

This functions as a presentation and includes the following interactivity(s): – game- question


For more information on how H5P types work and how they interact, see http://humtech.ucla.edu/instructional-support/ccle-activities-resources/h5p/.

Flashcards can be used as a drill to help learners memorize words, expressions, or sentences. Flashcards are often used in language learning, but can also help present math problems or formulas, as well as help learners remember facts such as historical dates or names. In H5P Flashcards, pictures are used as the prompt on one side of the card with an answer on the other. If you are looking for Flashcards with text prompts, take a look at the Dialog cards content type.


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Logo and sample from https://h5p.org/documentation/for-authors/tutorials.