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Course Presentation H5P Tool illustration of presentation screen.

Create a presentation with interactive slides


Course Presentations consist of slides with multimedia, text, and other content like interactive summaries, multiple choice questions, and interactive videos. Learners can experience new interactive learning material as well as test their knowledge and memory in Course Presentations. Content is editable in web browsers and the Course Presentation activity type includes a WYSIWYG drag and drop based authoring tool.

A typical use of the Course Presentation activity is to use a few slides to introduce a subject and follow these with a few more slides in which the user’s knowledge is tested. Course Presentations may be used in many different ways, including as a presentation tool or as a game where navigation buttons on top of the slides let the user make choices and see the consequences.

This functions as both an assessment and a presentation, and includes the following interactivity(s): – game- multimedia- question- social media


An aggregator, this serves as a framework to compile other content types  (Integrable Content Types) into a common H5P entity. For more information on how H5P types work and how they interact, see

Course Presentations are used when you want to package a piece of learning content in a structured and interactive format. Learners can swipe through slides to experience the learning material, while solving various quizzes or watching videos along the way.
Course Presentations can be an alternative to presenting your learning content as Powerpoint presentations, PDFs, or text-based web pages. Course presentations are very flexible to use and simple to create, publish, and edit.



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