Collage H5P Tool illustration of image collage.Create a collage of multiple images with preconfigured layout options.


The Collage tool allows you to put together images into one of eleven preconfigured layouts or compositions. The Collage tool will allow you to configure the height, outerframe size, and image spacing (inner frame size) for the layout. It will also allow you to adjust the pan and zoom on the individual images in the layout.

This functions as a presentation and includes the following interactivity(s): – multimedia


This is a multipurpose content type that can be integrated into an aggregator content type, or used on its own. For more information on how H5P types work and how they interact, see

The Collage tool is useful whenever you need more than one image on a page, or when visual content in the form of a collage is needed. Other examples are to show the steps in a process or snapshots of a topic.


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