Adding H5P interactive content to your CCLE course

CCLE - H5P Introductory Documentation

H5P is a free, open-source library of learning content templates built using HTML5, the most current HTML standard. This means that with H5P, instructors can create rich and interactive content efficiently in Moodle (CCLE). Instructors can create, share, and reuse web experiences such as presentations, quizzes, interactive videos, games, and more. Additionally, H5P content is mobile friendly and responsive, which is great for students whether they are using computers, smartphones, or tablets.

For a full list of available activity types, please see

For an example of how H5P can be used in Moodle (CCLE) please see our Moodle Best Practice Showcase website

For an example of effective H5P use in the UCLA library, see

Adding an H5P Activity to a Course in CCLE

  1. Click the Turn editing on button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

  2. Choose the desired section where you want to add the H5P Activity and navigate to it from the "Site info" section on the left of your screen.

  3. At the bottom of the page, click the orange Add an activity or resource button.

  4. Select H5P Interactive Content from the Activities/Resources list.

  5. Click the Add button.

You will be sent to a new page to enter the details about your new H5P content type:

  1. Provide a Name for the content you are creating. (This is a required field.)

  2. Provide a Description; enter instructions for how your students should complete the activity here. (This is an optional field.) If you would like the Description to display on the course page, check the appropriate box.

  3. Provide a Maximum grade. (This is an optional field, but enter a value if you want the activity to be graded. This grade will appear in the CCLE gradebook.)

  4. Open the drop-down menu to select your H5P Content Type. (This is a required field.) Click the blue Use button next to your desired interactive content type.

Save and Review 

The last step is to save your new H5P activity. Click Save and return to course or Save and display using the black buttons at the bottom of the page. Review your H5P Activity and edit the settings as needed. 

Notes about Grading

Although H5P is an outstanding tool that allows instructors to create many types of interactive content, not all of it can be used to assign grades to students within CCLE.

Instructors should exercise caution when determining whether or not to use H5P as a graded activity. Nevertheless, H5P can be very useful even when not used for graded activities.

Overall Grading

  • While every H5P activity creates a gradebook item in CCLE, only those that accept student input will automatically generate a grade.

    • Instructors may manually enter grades for other activities in the gradebook itself.

  • Student’s activity grades may not be saved in the CCLE gradebook if they complete an activity over multiple sittings or revisit an activity after completing it and do not resubmit their answers.

  • As an instructor, saving an H5P activity after any student has attempted it will prompt the student to restart the activity if they revisit it. This means that the student’s previous work will be overridden.

Specific Activity Types

  • Instructors can view students' responses to open-ended questions by navigating to the H5P activity, clicking the blue gear icon in the top right, selecting “View all submissions,” and clicking “Report” for the desired student.

    • Grades assigned by the instructor on this screen, however, are not reflected in the gradebook.

    • This should not be used for any sort of graded activity, as students can assign themselves scores for these types of questions by clicking the activity link in the gradebook.

    • If any portion of an activity includes an open-ended question, then the activity will not be graded.

    • This is different than the “Essay” content type, which is automatically graded by searching the student response for specific phrases.

  • For interactive videos, a submission page must be added for student work to be scored. This can be created by clicking the star icon next to the video timestamp.

    • Students must submit through this page for their work to be scored.

    • For the submission page to work, questions must be added.

      • A summary activity is insufficient on its own for this purpose.

Further Documentation